SHR # 1226 :: CASUAL FRIDAY :: Co-Host: The Lovely And Talented Alisa Profumo :: Did Paula Deen Make A Noise When She Got Dropped - Alisa Chooses A Personal Training Course - Did Venus Have Guns - 7 Sure Fire Natural Testosterone Boosters - Celestial Seasons Pesticide Tea Flavors - Wheatgrass May Protect Against Cancer.. If You Can Take The Awful Taste - Turmeric For Autoimmune And Heart Disease - Grass Fed Milk At A Whole Foods Near You - Pretty In Pink: Himalayan Sea Salt - Cola Sodas Cause Potassium Loss And Heart Rhythm Issues - Vitamin Drip Therapy All The Rage - Media Blackout As GMO Crops Are Burned By Group In Oregon - Harvard Creates Robotic Bees To Take The Place As Honey Bees Die On A Global Scale - Bad Week For Monsanto - Monsanto Plays The Victim In Rogue Wheat Case - Scientist Show Sugar Acts Like Drug In The Brain And Can Cause Addictive Behavior - Plus More And Listener Questions And Comments ::

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