SHR # 1135 :: A Comparison Of Modern Diets To Ancestral Diets And The Effect On Gut Microbiota That Promotes Inflammation, Leptin Resistance And Obesity :: Guest: Dr. Ian Spreadbury :: Dr. Spreadbury's recent study has been the subject of discussion and interpretation throughout the Paleo Blogosphere. In his own words he discusses his research into the effects of the exclusion of grains - most notably the core of the "Healthy" Westernized Modern Diet - and Ancestral Diets and how it effects the gut microbiota which in turn produces changes in Leptin sensitivity and inflammation. This is a unique perspective as the discussion about grains and refined sugars and starches has always been from the insulinogenic angle. This changes the focus to the effects of micro-organisms resident in our digestive system and how they may cause obesity in absence of the insulin response link. Very insightful discussion. Listen and learn. ::

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