SHR # 1149 :: Curing The Incurable PLUS Mislead By Macronutrients? UC Researchers Suggest Alternative Diet Design :: Guest: Dr. Tom Levy and Dr. Randy Seeley :: Dr. Levy wrote a book called Curing The Incurable that compiles over 1,200 scientific references from accredited institutions that obviates the fact that many of today's "incurable" disease are in fact controllable and reversible with a common OTC molecule - Vitamin C. Many people discount this message searching instead for a sexier newer agent while Vitamin C continues to prove its value like the steadfast partner taken for granted. Dosing, types and specific diseases are discussed. PLUS Dr. Seeley's group at University of Cincinnati may not be talking about concepts related to nutrition that are foreign to the Super Human Nation.. but are foreign to the medical orthodoxy and most in the scientific community. Its both exciting and refreshing that the notion that all macronutrients are not created equal and their effects on the body are almost drug-like when you understand this. ::

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