SHR # 1157 :: Effects Of Strong-Man Style Training On Hormone Levels PLUS 12 Month Case Study On Competitive Natural Drug-Free Bodybuilding PLUS The SuppVersity Science Roundup :: Guest: Dr. Jamie Ghigiarelli and Lindy Rossow and Adel Moussa :: Dr. Ghigiarelli compared well trained men in either a strong-man style workout, traditional hypertrophy style workout or a combination of the two and then compared pre and post training testosterone levels and the results is anything but intuitive. PLUS Rossow and colleagues followed a competitive natural bodybuilder through his competition prep diet and training to six months after his competition. They tracked many biological markers, mental acuity and body composition. Fascinating study. PLUS Moussa delivers again - How Does Daylight Savings Time Effect Us - Does Stevia Cause Infertility - Does Dietary Calcium Increase Fat Loss - What Causes Milk Allergies - Does Too Much Protein Make You Fat - How Fish Oil May Make Women Hungrier - What's The Deal With Dietary Restraint In Women - Plus More ::

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