SHR # 1254 :: Building Muscle Mass The Dinosaur Way Part 5 PLUS How Kellogg's May Be The Answer For Labeling GMO :: Guest: Brooks Kubik - Diana Reeves :: On this 5th installment of Building Muscle Mass the Dinosaur Way Kubik answers more listener questions before getting into the nutritional protocol needed to feed the new muscle growth. The dietary requirements are much simpler than most would think revolving around real foods. PLUS Reeves took on her mission with focus and organization. To make industry accountable for their use of GMO foods. Her efforts have yielded an opportunity that can make the Kellogg's Company be the first to respond by both labeling and perhaps even abandoning GMO's. Kellogg's focuses their marketing at children. The most vulnerable to the potential dangers of GMO food poisoning. The iron is hot and Kellogg's is feeling the heat. Now she needs your help. ::

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