SHR # 1158 :: CASUAL FRIDAY :: Co-Host: The Lovely And Talented Alisa Profumo :: Eww.. Gross.. Alisa Tells Two Gym Stories - Slumber Bummer - Are Women Grumpier Than Men - The Grass Fed Whey Protein Confusion - What The USDA Considers "Grass Fed" - Dietitian Kathy Tallmadge Says You're Too Stupid To Understand What Is Health So Eat Your Gluten - Should Wheat Be Treated Like Heroin - Take A Z Pack And Call Me After You're Dead - The Most Obese State In The US Has A "Don't Tell Me What To Eat" Law - Soda Or Water - I'M Getting Sicker But I Eat Healthy - Resveratrol To Become A Prescription Drug - Plus More And Listener Emails And Comments ::

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