SHR # 1259 :: CASUAL FRIDAY :: Co-host: The Lovely And Talented Alisa Profumo :: AHS13 Recap - A Super Human Needs Your Help - Snopes Gets Snoped By Carl - March Against Monsanto Continues To Get Ignored By Mainstream - FB Bans Monsanto Bashing - Italy Become 9th EU Country To Ban Monsanto Corn - If Coke Was A Fruit It Would Be Dying On The Vine - Let Me Tell Ya Why Aspartame Is Good For Ya... Yeah Right - Don't Eat Crow.. Eat Skunk To Live Longer - Tick Bites On The Rise - Did She Really Tell Her Doctor She Was Feeding Her Infant Raw Goat's Milk - Gives New Meaning To "This Job Is Killing Me" - Bigger Brains Equals Longer Life - Ok.. I'm Confused.. Is Coffee Gonna Kill Me - It's A Drug.. It's Perfume.. Its Spray-on Caffeine - FDA Plays Nice With Merck On Zilmax.. But Doesn't Play Nice With Others - Soda Consumption Linked To Behavioral Problems In Children - Burt's Bees Customers Need To Know This - 73 Year Old Grandmother Reverses Illness With Powerlifting - Anything On A Crispy Cream Doughnut Is Bad - Eating Raw Garlic Reduces Cancer Risk... And Friends - How Do That Call That Stuff Heart Healthy - The Truth About The Flu Vaccine And Risk Of Heart Attack - Plus More And Listener Questions And Comments ::

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