SHR # 1263 :: The Get Strong Show PLUS Drinking Raw Milk: Healthy Or Hazardous :: Guest: Wade Johnson - Brandon Lilly - Dr. Ton Baars :: Elite Powerlifter Brandon Lilly joins Coach Johnson and I to share some of his secrets for getting strong. How he stays focused. The importance of being consistent. His training style. How being told he would not be able to do something fueled his unwavering intention to getting it done. PLUS Dr. Baars and his group have looked at the growing interest in consuming raw unpasteurized dairy as a sign of things to come. He discusses whether the claimed health benefits of raw dairy are true as well as if drinking raw dairy poses real health risks. How the diet of the cow affects the milk produced. The linkage between pasteurized dairy and allergies. Does raw dairy protect children against Asthma. The emergence of lactose intolerance and pasteurization. And much more. This is a must hear interview for anyone currently drinking milk of any kind! ::

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