SHR # 1217 :: Immune System: Why Women Age Better Than Men PLUS Are Physical Culturits Narcissistic And Immoral PLUS Is Food Synergy The Key To A Healthy Diet :: Guest: Dr. Katsuiku Hirokawa - Rob Regish - Dr. David Jacobs :: Dr. Hirokawa details the unique way of evaluating ones immune system that then led to the discovery that women's immune systems stay more robust than men's as they age. We also discuss why this may be the case. PLUS I was recently told I am immoral and a narcissist because I strive to take care of my body and take responsibility for my own health. Regish joins me as we discuss the validity of this accusation. PLUS Dr. Jacobs is calling for the scientific community to do more research on the health effects of foods. His message is that foods are much more complex and have greater effects than even pharmaceutical drugs and as such we should be looking more seriously at this. ::

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