SHR # 1232 :: SuppVersity Science Roundup: You Don't Have To Live With Cellulite PLUS Physical Culture At Its Best: BodyTribe Fitness :: Guest: Adel Moussa - Chip Conrad :: Cellulite occurs in both men and women but it strikes women much more often. Even relatively lean women can develop cellulite which contradicts the theory that you must be overweight to have cellulite. So what really causes it? Are there any reliable ways to reverse it? Do any drugs or supplement have an effect on it? What about types of food or exercise? Do your hormones or genetics predispose you to develop it? Moussa addresses all of these and more including a study that provides a way to reduce cellulite by as much as 75% in 12 weeks that you can try yourself at home. PLUS In the 20's most gyms were Physical Culture gyms. Today, that's not the case. That's what makes BodyTribe Fitness so unique. Conrad found Physical Culture and decided to step out of the box and create a gym that even Barnarr Macfadden would have been proud of. ::

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