SHR # 1237 ::Building Muscle Mass The Dinosaur Way Part 1 PLUS The Linkage Between Glyphosate And Autism :: Guest: Brooks Kubik - Dr. Stephanie Seneff :: This is the first installment of 4 episodes that will take you from start to finish in the art of building muscle mass the Dinosaur way. Kubik insures that if you follow this entire course without hesitation or question you will be the benefactor of 20 pounds of new muscle. The last installment was added on the fly to cover the nutritional needs for the new muscle gains. PLUS Dr. Seneff has been aware that the herbicide Glyphosate (RoundUp) has been linked to a higher rate of Autism. But what is the mechanism of action? She has discovered it and colleagues agree. This is a shockingly important interview for anyone who has a child on the spectrum or plans on having a child in the near future. ::

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