SHR # 1238 :: CASUAL FRIDAY :: Co-Host: The Lovely And Talented Alisa Profumo :: The Make Adel Happy Friday Show - Even Male Models Have To Be Emaciated - The Victory Bar Is No Victory - Should Byonce Be Pepsi's Spokesperson - The Backlash Against Jenny McCarthy -CDC Removes Polio Vaccine Fact Sheet To Hide Cancer Risk - Do You Suffer From Ghetto Booty - Dubai To Pay In Gold For Weight Loss - More Good News On Intermittent Fasting - South Korea Fines Dow And Monsanto $415 Million For Diseases And Defects Caused By Agent Orange - Breast Feeding In Public Still Stigmatized - Chipotle Pledges To Get ALL GMO Out - Is This Really Why Egg Yolks Are Yellow - New Study Links Wheat To Autism Symptoms - Plus More And Listener Questions And Comments ::

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