SHR # 1239 :: The BluePrint Power Hour PLUS The Evolutionary Roots Of Cancer :: Guest: Rob Regish - Prof. Paul Davies :: Does Protein Pulsed Eating Work - Key Times And What To Use To Spur Anabolism - Best Protein To Buy For European Listeners - How To Dose TranQuilogen - What If The Warrior Diet Isn't Working For Me - Is Ephedrine Being Pulled Off The Market - Can I Use EAA's Or BCAA's Instead Of Whole Protein - PLUS BP Tip Of The Day: Always Have A Plan B PLUS From an evolutionary perspective everything the body does has a reason. Cancer is no different. Prof. Davies was selected to do Cancer Research specifically because he is a Physicist and NOT a mainstream cancer researcher. He decided to look at cancer as a "normal" response by the body that has a useful reason due to evolution. His research is sparking much positive debate. This is a must-listen-to episode if cancer is a concern for you, a friend or family member. ::

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