SHR # 1283 :: CASUAL FRIDAY :: Co-host: The Lovely And Talented Alisa Profumo :: Olympia 2013 Wrap Up - The Life Lift Bar Needs Life Support - 12 Ways To Stay Flu And Cold Free At The Gym - The FDA Thinks Arsenic Isn't Poison.. More Test Needed - New Poop Pills Are Here - Russia Joins Nations Who Ban GMO - More Proof Fluoride Is Poison And The American Government Knew About It Since 1956 - Pregnant Mom At Gym Gets Strange Looks - New Hybrid Plant: It's Tomato.. It's a Potato.. It's Both - Another March Against Monsanto That The Mainstream Media Will Ignore - Delthia Ricks Has To Be Kidding: Says Supplements Hurt More People Than Pharmaceutical Drugs - Former Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber Is A Shill For Monsanto - Re-purposing Statin Drugs: Anti-aging Crowd Is Next - Plus More And Listener Questions And Comments ::

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