SHR # 1292 :: CASUAL FRIDAY :: Co-host: The Lovely And Talented Alisa Profumo :: Carl Talks About his Surgery - Little Billy Seeds In His First Powerlifitng Competition - Tom Hanks Has T2D - Maria Kang Gets Our Support - Evangelist-Turn-Nutritionist Pat Robinson Says Eat Your Carbohydrates Or Get Klinkers - Oreos Are The New Heroin - Is Nutella Really Healthy - Respected Cancer Scientist Says Fluoride Is Biggest Cancer-Causing Cover-up - Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Thinks Vitamins Are More Dangerous Than Pharmaceutical Drugs - Airlines Are Too Scared To Charge Larger People Their Fair Fare - Grocery Manufacturers of America Say GMO is Good For you - Monsanto Win: Complete Media Black-Out Of March Against Monsanto Except In Al Jazeera - Family Finds Secret To Feeding The World: Produces 6,000 Pounds Of Food On 1/10th Of An Acre - When A Non-Profit Goes Terribly Wrong: Susan G. Koman Donates Only 20 Cents Of Every Dollar Raised on Breast Cancer - Scientist Link Roundup Herbicide To Alzheimer's Disease - New Blood Testing Could Save American's Billions But Medicare Turns It Down - Plus More And Listener Questions And Comments ::

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