SHR # 1368 :: Is A Breast Cancer Drug Being Sold As A Bodybuilding Dietary Supplement? PLUS Coach Wade Talks About His Competition This Weekend PLUS Slim Attractive Men Have Less Pathogenic Nasal Bacteria Than Heavy Men :: Guest: Dr. James McVeigh - Coach Wade Johnson - Dr. Boguslaw Pawlowski :: Dr. McVeigh's group published a study in the British Medical Journal after looking at an over-the-counter supplement that had a real pharmaceutical drug in it. What was most shocking was the manufacturer didn't hide the presence on the drug. They actually put it right on the label. PLUS Coach Johnson competed in a Powerlifitng competition this weekend at a new weight class and as an older lifter. Listen in and see how he did. PLUS Dr. Pawlowski's group studies the different things that effect the evolutionary magic of attraction. They looked at the presence of nasal pathogens in both young men and women. What was most surprising was the results of the female subjects.

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