SHR # 1375 :: When Value Trumps Health In A Supersized World PLUS Satiety Mechanism In Genetic Risk Of Obesity PLUS Telomerase Activation: A Potential Key Modulator For Human Health And Longevity :: Guest: Prof. Karen Winterich - Dr. Clare Llewellyn - Dr. Virginia Boccardi :: Prof. Winterich looked at how marketing influences the obesogenic model. When value is pitted against health do people abandon health for value? And if the value is applied to "healthy" foods are people as quick to take advantage of the offer? These and many more are answered. PLUS Hunger drives obesity. Satiety quenches hunger. Are there specific genetic types that are prone to not being satisfied by their meals? Are they then more likely to be obese? Dr. Llewellyn discusses this phenomenon and what we can learn from our genes. PLUS Telomere length has been implicated as a mechanism in cellular aging. The longer your telomeres the slower you're aging. Telomerase helps to keep telomeres long. Dr. Boccardi and her group looked at all the available research to determine if telomerase activation holds any real promise in slowing the aging process down while improving overall health.

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