SHR # 1383 :: The Get Strong Show: Your First Competition PLUS Predictors Of Widespread Pain In Older Adults PLUS The Maker's Diet Revolution :: Guest: Coach Wade Johnson - Dr. Ross Wilkie - Jordan Rubin :: Coach Johnson does a top-line summary of what you need to prepare for your first competition. We cover your opening lift, second and top lift, questions you should be asking, what to be prepared for during warm-ups and much more. PLUS As we age widespread pain not associated with osteoarthritis appears to become a problem. For some its just the nagging aches and pains of aging but for others the pain is debilitating. Dr. Wilkie's group looked at a large population of senior citizens and discovered some interesting corollaries in the groups who suffer form the greatest occurrences of pain. PLUS Rubin's story is nothing short of amazing. At 20 years old he stood at death's door. After saving his own life through nutritional means he became a zealot. Now he has done something no one else wanted to do. He has built a company that is prepared to provide pristine old-world variations and preparations of food for the masses. Foods prepared in ways we have not seen since biblical times! ::

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