SHR # 1400 :: Oxytocin Reduces Reward-Driven Food Intake In Humans PLUS The BluePrint Power Hour PLUS Whole Life Nutrition :: Guest: Dr. Volker Ott - Rob Regish - Alissa Segersten - Tom Malterre :: Oxytocin has been understood to have psycho-social effects. In relationship to hunger and satiety have been less understood. Dr. Ott and colleagues looked at the effects of intra-nasal Oxytocin and its role in eating patters in humans. The results are very promising. PLUS Regish answers listener questions: Does Arachidonic Acid Build Muscle - I Thought Carl Didn't Like Pull-overs - Does Cimetidine Increase Bio-availability Of Pro-Hormones - You've Taught Me How To Train, How To Supplement, But I Don't How To Eat - 64 Year Old Mom New To Training Needs Supplement Advice - BP Tip Of The Day: The Long Haul PLUS One cookbook. Many styles of healthy cooking. That's what Segersten and Malterre have come up with in their new book Whole Life Nutrition. Over 300 recipes to satisfy any eating template. ::

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