SHR # 1422 :: Effects of HMB-FA Supplementation On Muscle Mass, Strength, and Power in Trained Subjects - Go Wild: Overcoming the Afflictions of Civilization - Complex Interactions May Matter Most for Longevity :: Guest: Dr. Jacob Wilson - Dr. John Ratey and Richard Manning - Dr. David Rand :: Dr. Wilson's group looked at the effects of using the supplement HMB Free Acid on muscle and strength gains in well-trained athletes and the results appear to indicate that the supplement can help build muscle. The training protocol used in the study deserves attention as well. Even the placebo group added a respectable amount of muscle albeit statistically less than the supplemented group. PLUS Dr. Ratey and Manning are delivering a familiar message. Look to our ancestors to unlock the sources and causes of diseases of modernity. Nutrition must change if we are to effect health. A refreshing addition to the message is the importance of the mental aspect and its contribution to health and longevity. PLUS Dr. Rand is on the cutting edge of new science. His research shows that we are all so unique genetically that the future is in Individual Medicine. His study expands upon the understanding that our environment influences our outcome to a greater degree than our genes by adding the fact that "and that influence varies from person to person". His hope is that the scientific community begin to study individual genetic variability that influences outcomes so we can better understand individual needs. ::

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