SHR # 1445 :: 7/10 12:00PM ET :: Trans-Evolutionary Fitness Radio: Applied Metabolics with Jerry Brainum - Omega-3 Fatty Acids and Depression :: Guest: Ken O'Neill - Jerry Brainum - Dr. Giuseppe Grosso :: Brainum joins O'Niell and Lanore for this episode of TEFR to talk about the importance of respecting the process of building one's body. How during the Golden Age of Bodybuilding there was an emphasis on what mental benefits were garnered from Physical Culture. It wasn't about how the mind can shape the body, but how working the body can feed the mind. Using Applied Metabolics to reach your goals. Plus more. PLUS Studies have shown that Omega 3 supplements are as effective as SSRI's in treating depressive disorders. Studies have shown that Omega 3 supplements can reduce chronic inflammation. Studies have also shown that in some populations low-grade chronic inflammation can lead to depression. Dr. Grosso's group put these together to show the linkage between inflammation, depression and Omega 3 fatty acids in treating depression. ::

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