SHR # 1452 :: Free+Style: Maximize Sport and Life Performance with Four Basic Movements - Lower Asthma Risk Is Associated with Microbes in Infants' Homes :: Guest: Carl Paoli - Dr. Susan Lynch :: Paoli has dedicated decades to Physical Culture. Along the way he had many moments of clarity as to the purpose of movement and exercise. This book is the distillation of all of those "aha" moments string together in actionable steps. PLUS We live in a world where sanitizer and antimicrobials are doused upon us at every opportunity. New parents strive to create an aseptic environment for their little bundle of joy. But is that the best idea? Dr. Lynch and colleagues are showing that it's not an easy question to simply answer yes to. And the source of those beneficial microbes will make you think twice about what we consider pests. ::

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