SHR # 1459 :: Impaired Associative Learning with Food Rewards in Obese Women - Effect of Mobile Telephones on Sperm Quality - Grandmothers and the Evolution of Human Longevity :: Guest: Dr. Ifat Levy - Dr. Jessica Adams - Prof. Kristen Hawkes :: Dr. Levy's group looked at how the visual cues about chocolate and pretzels are perceived by obese women versus non-obese women and men. What they learned may give rise to methods of helping obese women to successfully lose weight. PLUS If you're planning on starting a family this will interest you. We think the electromagnetic fields from cell phones are harmless because we can't see them. Dr. Adams thinks differently. Your cell phone may be effecting your male fertility. PLUS Professor Hawkes is passionate about Anthropology and human evolution. She explains the theory of how grandmothers may have directly influenced human longevity. She also discusses some recent research that may have you thinking differently about telomere length and its contribution to longevity! ::

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