SHR # 1495 :: The BluePrint Power Hour + Thousands of Years of History in a Single Teaspoon + The Original American Predator :: Co-host: Rob Regsih :: Guest: Vitina Feo - Don Frye :: Regish answers listener questions about training, nutrition and supplementation. PLUS For thousands of years Sicily has been known for producing some of the greatest Olive trees in the world. In fact the Greeks used to plant and harvest their Olive trees in Sicily and not Greece! Feo explains what makes Sicily so special and how a tradition that has spanned thousands of years is now providing something for us in the Super Human Nation. PLUS If a life was a resume, most would agree that Frye has a very impressive resume. Firefighter, blacksmith, winning professional boxer, pro wrestler, legendary MMA fighter and champion, stunt man and actor are just a few of the experiences this humble American Hero has added to his resume. But he's not done yet! ::

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