SHR # 1485 :: Born to Walk: Myofascial Efficiency and the Body in Movement + Can Your Dog Extend Your Life :: Guest: James Earls - Dr. Carri Westgarth :: In the scope of evolution learning to walk upright had the most physically transforming effect that changed the trajectory of species. So it stands to reason that observing the simple function of walking can hold the greatest impact on performance and to some degree health. Earl has taken the time to look at walking and apply kinesiology principals to unlock what is walking and what can be done to change our pattern of walking for the better. PLUS Owning a dog modifies something that we now understand to have a greater link to the onset of disease and mortality than any other single disease including heart disease. Inactivity. Dog owners who seem to bind with their dogs benefit in a variety of ways that just adds to the mix. Dr. Westgarth discusses her most recent study and other science that support the notion that under the right conditions your dog can add years to your life. ::

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