SHR # 1450 :: Trans-Evolutionary Fitness Radio: Putting The Fun Back into Functional Strength - Low-grade Chronic Inflammation Perpetuated by Modern Diet as a Promoter of Obesity and Osteoporosis :: Guest: Ken O'Neill - Dr. Kwame Brown - Dr. Jasminka Ilich-Ernst :: Dr. Brown joins O'Neill and I to talk about his mission to get more people to understand the pleotropic benefits of play. Yes play! Most of these benefits are immediate. As adults we think play is for children. Learn how this attitude may actually be a contributor to advanced aging. We attempt to delineate what makes play, play. PLUS Dr. Ilich-Ernst wants more people to understand the undeniable linkage between the foods we eat today, that our ancestors did not, and their linkage to obesity and osteoporosis. While her study focuses on obesity and osteoporosis, it could have just as easily been focused on cancer, Alzheimer's disease, autoimmune disorders or any one of the diseases of modernity linked to a low-grade chronic inflammatory landscape. ::

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