SHR # 1444 :: Effects of Betaine on Performance and Body Composition - Eating on the Wild Side :: Guest: Dr. Jason Cholewa - Jo Robinson :: Betaine is a common compound found in several food sources. Research shows that when supplementing with upwards of 2 grams a day some magical things happen. Strength increases, power output increases, lean mass increases and fat mass decreases. So why aren't you using Betaine? After this interview I think you'll look more closely at it. PLUS Robinson wrote the New York Times Best Seller "Eating on the Wild Side". She divulges tips and trick on picking more nutrient dense foods. Dispels myths about foods we thought were good for us. Give her opinion on how long our food has been compromised, what we know about GMO and more. At the end of the interview she tells how to get a free Shopping List from her website that follows the direction of her book. ::

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