SHR # 1429 :: The BluePrint Power Hour - The Pregnant Athlete: How to Stay in Your Best Shape Ever-Before, During, and After Pregnancy :: Guest: Rob Regish - Brandi Dion :: Coach Regish answers listener questions about training, nutrition and supplementation. PLUS It's commonplace to see women strength training today at the gym. It's less of a rarity to see a pregnant women training at the gym these days as well. Dion knows what it's like to be both, an athlete and a pregnant woman. Her new book is designed to empower women to strive to be healthier during and after they deliver by not abandoning their training. The result is also easier delivery and healthier babies! Gym members still stop and stare at pregnant women who train during their pregnancies and some less-intelligent people think its reckless and cavalier of a women to continue to train during pregnancy. Nothing is further from the truth. Evolution shows these naysayers are completely out of touch. The females of the species have been strong and active during pregnancies for millions of years.. Listen and learn. ::

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