SHR # 1409 :: Strength Training For Fat Loss PLUS The Get Strong Show: One Of The Girls Speaks Up :: Guest: Nick Tumminello - Coach Wade Johnson - Melissa Brown :: Most fat-loss books focus on fad diets. Tumminello's new book goes against this common wisdom. When one focuses on gaining strength a miraculous thing occurs. One becomes leaner and the human form blossoms out to produce an ideal body. Athletic looking, not hyper-muscular. It's counterintuitive and goes against the notion that severe caloric restriction and hours of cardio are the only way to reach the physical ideal. PLUS Brown joins Coach Johnson and I to talk about the realities of being a woman in the competitive strength world. An accomplished Powerlifter and Olympic Lifter, she explains that her pursuit of strength has not remodeled her into a man, but instead made her a more confident woman. A former competitive long-distance cyclist who could never shed body fat, she has now acquired the physical appearance that she has always wanted and feels better in her own skin. Even health issues have subsided thanks to her strength and conditioning training. Ladies this is a must-hear interview! ::

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