SHR # 1404 :: Reverse Skin Aging With This Secret: Exercise PLUS SuppVersity 3 Part Series: Common Nutrient Deficiencies, Their Health Consequences and How You Can Fix Them Part 1 :: Guest: Dr. Mark Tarnopolsky - Adel Moussa :: Dr. Tarnopolsky's group at McMasert University looked at both rodents and humans to determine what effects, if any, exercise has on skin aging. What they discovered should be known by every woman on the planet! Before you spend another penny on magic skin creams and potions listen to this interview. It is not only promising.. it's almost magical! PLUS Nutrient deficiencies are among the most avoidable causes of disease today. On this episode of SuppVersity Science Roundup Moussa identifies one that is most egregious even in circles of those who "eat healthy" and supplement. we discuss the diseases and symptoms caused by this deficiency and what steps you can take to pull yourself out of the tailspin. ::

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