SHR # 1397 :: The Calorie Myth PLUS Trans-Evolutionary Fitness :: Guest: Jonathan Bailor - Ken O'Neill :: Bailor's new book The Calorie Myth continues the discussion that focuses on calories without understanding how foods effect hormones and biology that ultimately causes weight gain. The majority of people still fail to realize that its not a math equation. His book gives you easy-to-apply metrics to evaluate the foods you love to eat so you can see if they are offenders or allies in your quest to eat what you want while staying lean and disease free. PLUS It has been said that "the strong take from the weak and the smart take from the strong". So we can surmise that being strong and smart is the epitome of the human condition. O'Neill's new weekly addition to the SHRN will explore where Strength, Intelligence and Noetic Sciences intersect. Priming untapped human potential is a strong contributor to the mission of building a World of Super Humans that both O'Neill and Lanore strive for. ::

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