SHR # 1293 :: Sleeping In On The Weekend Doesn't Fix Sleep Deficits During The Workweek PLUS Media Blitz To Promote GMO As Safe PLUS When It Comes to Cholesterol Fitness Trumps Weight :: Guest: Dr. Alexandros Vgontzas - Dr. Christian Roberts :: If you burn the candle at both ends all week long because you think sleeping in on the weekends will solve your sleep-deficit problems... think again. Dr. Vgontzas' group look at the effects on inflammatory markers and cortisol levels and point out why this approach does not work. PLUS Strong and fit people seem to fare better when it comes to a variety of disease states so why should cholesterol be any different. Dr. Roberts' group looked at the effects of cholesterol on overweight individuals who are strong from weight training compared to trained lean people and untrained lean people. The findings are the opposite of what the scientific community would predict. ::

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