SHR # 1275 :: What's Up Vince's Sleeve PLUS Using A Heart Rate Variability Monitor To Guide Training Progress :: Guest: Vince Andrich - Joel Jamieson :: Andrich has joined Quest Nutrition and as such we discuss what is new and exciting on the horizon. As well as what Andrich is contributing to the equation. PLUS What if you had a way to tell if you're really recovered from your last workout? Or if today is the day to go in and try for a new PR? Or if you need to take a couple days off? We have long discussed over-training and peak performance but never before has there been a way to quantify the needed information to make these decisions. Now there is! Jamieson is the creator of BioForce. He takes Heart Rate Variability from the heath and medical arena and drops it right where it belongs.. in the human performance world. My enthusiasm about this interview is real. ::

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