SHR # 1261 :: The BluePrint Power Hour PLUS Processed Foods And Processed Friends: Is FaceBook A Neolithic Agent Of Disease :: Guest: Rob Regish - Alex Leaf - Tony Federico :: Fellow Super Human Alex Leaf drops by to share his experiene with the Super Human Nation - Regish answers listener questions: What About ZMA For Recovery - What's Rob's Top 3 Recovery Supplements - The Minimalist Approach To Training, Diet And Supplements For A Guy Or Gal On A Tight Budget - Are Bent Over Rows A Good Movement To Build Rear Delts - How To Stack Synthagen With Tranquilogen - What Can I Do If I Get Up A Lot To Urinate At Night - Can I Drop Carbs Out Of My Diet All At Once - PLUS BP Tip Of The Day: A Home Brewed Pre-Workout Stack PLUS Processed foods are hollow calories devoid of nutrition that leaves the subject craving more and more food because they never feel satisfied. Does Face Book and other Social Media venues create the same hollow friendships that leave people feeling more disconnected? And are there any troubling signs that this new phenomenon of being connected every second of the day is not good for us? Listen and learn as Federico lays it out for us. ::

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