SHR # 1249 :: The BluePrint Power Hour PLUS Muscle Saves L

  1. SHR # 1249 :: The BluePrint Power Hour PLUS Muscle Saves L

    SHR # 1249 :: The BluePrint Power Hour PLUS Muscle Saves Lives: A Super Human Life After Brain Cancer :: Guest: Rob Regish - Matt Cappotelli :: DMSO For Healing Injuries - Best Fastest Way To Regain Lost Muscle And Strength - Rob's Top 3 Exercises - Top 3 Lifestyle Tips - Top 3 Supplements - Best Way To Make Gains In The Pull-Ups - Are Deficit Deadlifts The Best Way To Build Strength At The Bottom Of The Movement - Best leg Building Exercises For Someone Who Has Had Hip Replacement - Is The Anabolic Diet Still Effective - Plus More - Plus The BluePrint Tip Of The Day: The Birth Of A Project PLUS Matt Cappotelli was a fan of Physical Culture since a young boy in his father's gym. An aspiring WWE Professional Wrestler, his life was thrown into a tailspin when he was diagnosed with malignant brain cancer. Listen to this inspiring story of how his past Physical Culture training helped him regain is life as a Super Human after brain cancer. ::

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  2. Questions after listening to Rob and Carl talking about DMSO.

    Recently purchased 99% DMSO. Need to cut to 50 – 70% to apply on neck area.
    Can I cut with cooled boiled water or ordinary Aloe Vera Juice?

    In terms of mixing, guess I should do in a sterile glass bowl?

    What can I use to store, looking to keep some in my gym bag to apply each morning, I guess plastic containers should be avoided with DMSO?

    Great show by the way.

  3. Simple solution: Dilute with sterile water in a plastic (empty 91% isopropyl alcohol) bottle, with a pin top flip lid. The pin top makes it easier to dispense, given it's a thin liquid.

    Appreciate your comments on the show. We do put a LOT into it, so you get a lot out of it!

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