SHR # 1205 :: CASUAL FRIDAY :: Co-Host: The Lovely And Talented Alisa Profumo :: Shaq Decides To Cash In On Obesity Epidemic With New Soda - Raw Milk Vodka - Safer Ways To Stay In The Sun Longer - Vitamind D Again - Vegan Mother's Breast Milk Kills Her Baby - New Autism Stats Shocking - Italy Says Vaccine Caused Autism - SPECIAL MONSATAN REPORT: Mainstream Media Protects Monsanto With News Blackout - Monsanto Grows Non-Approved GM Wheat Says It's Safe - China Says No To Monsanto GM Corn - Russia Tells USA: Fix Bee Colony Collapse Problem Caused By Monsanto Or Else - World Renowned Scientist Shows Monsanto Roundup Is Killing Bees By Creating GM Resistant Bees - French Government Orders More Research Before Exposing French People To Monsanto GM Corn - Carl And Alisa Turn Down Half Million Dollars To Go Easy On Monsanto - The Truth About Grains And Inflammation Coming - Lots Of Listener Questions And Comments - Plus More ::

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