Serious Nutrition Solutions CVM Xtreme results

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    Serious Nutrition Solutions CVM Xtreme results

    Love this stuff.
    I was able to drop the amount of "tabs" I take.
    IE I have been stacking CEE & NO tabs with Xpand, etc.. Full dose of each.
    This stuff gives me great results and I've halved the amount of tabs I take.
    The flavor is a "little weak" but good. But I also drink it on top of 20g unflavored BCAA's so it's got some bitterness to overcome.
    If I mix it with ISS Satur8 Rush, it's definitely ON, and the two oranges go well together ( I take no tabs with this combo). As it is, I take it with some of the powdered Neurostim (orange pineapple) and it's a great.

    Kudos again SNS!

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    Very glad to hear that you were pleased with it. I appreciate the review.
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