1. Vaso6?

    Can vaso6 be taken twice a day I only ask because I want to increase no throughout the day.

  2. yes it can: I take two (2) caps/day and LOVE it. one cap first thing in the morning before breakfast (on non training days), second cap ~7-8 hours later, again on an empty stomach. The all-day-long pumps are VERY nice. on training days I take one cap ~ 1 hour, 15 min. before, then 1/2 serving reign ~ 45 min. before: that"s 450mg. Vaso-6 (1.5 servings), then a second cap ~ 8 hours later.

    hope that helps,


  3. Yes - i have seen pple take 2X a day

    i would start with 1 cap and see how you react and up it accordingly

    i take it you want to split the dosage ? Morning & evening to feel pumped ?
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