1. PLCAR

    Please please please bring this stuff back.

    That is all.

  2. Thanks for the feedback, it's definitely an undervalued product.
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  3. Yeah I wish they would bring it back too!

  4. One more vote "for", I like it better then alcar.

  5. The baseline series has a whole heap of way more obscure and esoteric compounds than PLCAR. No idea why they stopped selling it. It's so hard to find in the non-GPLC form. Nutra has a generic product but it's almost always sold out.

  6. Another "Vote" to bring back PLCAR.

  7. Absolutely an unappreciated form of carnitine. I agree!

  8. So SNS, the people have spoken. Kindly begin production post-haste. Many thanks.
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    3 cheers for carnitine!
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  10. @mw1, What'd you think boss man?

  11. Quote Originally Posted by koi1214 View Post
    Another "Vote" to bring back PLCAR.
    Another batch is in progress

  12. Great. Best carnitine form in my opinion. Well, it's my favorite anyway.

  13. Yay! Thanks SNS boss man.

    Everyone else: You're welcome!

  14. Any updates on this?

  15. Why is PLCAR so hard to find? I used to buy it at NP regularly. I haven't been able to find it anywhere.

  16. Quote Originally Posted by TripleOption View Post
    Why is PLCAR so hard to find? I used to buy it at NP regularly. I haven't been able to find it anywhere.
    I just did a quick Google search and found some SNS PLCAR at a retailer They're not a sponsor, so I can't mention them.

  17. I have been able to get the caps here and there, it's the bulk powder I can't find. NutraPlanet was the best, I haven't seen it here in forever...

  18. Sorry to butt into your thread.....but this is in now at EvoMuse.
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