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    forums should be a melting pot of guys experiences, views, opinions, techniques, advices, and so on.....makes it an excellent source for anyone looking for info, chances are someone did it with this many members

    bb is a melting pot of sh*t....i was on there yesterday, mentioned leg training to improve test levels (squats, do legs 1st in your split, minor tweaks that can help), i get flamed, 'how does my body know what day it is' type ****....one is a 300lb flexing fatty, i tell him he needs to check hes e2 also with regards to t levels.....tells me wtf is e2, no one wants to hear your science ****, i dead 500lbs so f*** off

    classic bb, his lifts are in his sig, and altho im outweighed by 80lbs, i can rep his fkn maxes....so he ignores me when i tell him im not impressed

    oh n the fkn ring leader in this thread that the fatties look too, flamed me on the legs, has very visible gyno through the tanktop hes wearing in his avi (bloated)
    another member tells him to chill and i made some sense, gyno boys answer 'fk man, im ragin on cell-tech'

    trust me i wont go back in a long while, i already hate buying from them
    lol man chill let the bb'ers be bb'ers, over here. We'll be AM'ers

  2. Yea 9 times outta 10 its some high school kid regurgitating what he read in a magazine trying to sound intelligent. Welcome to the winners circle!

  3. Welcome to AM Scorp.
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