Inhibit-E PCT Leftovers -

Inhibit-E PCT Leftovers

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    Inhibit-E PCT Leftovers

    I'm planning on running an H-Drol cycle in about a month, and I'm considering using Inhibit-E in my PCT at the recommended dosage of 2/2/1/1. But I'm wondering what I should do with the extra caps. Following the 2/2/1/1 protocol, I'll only use 42 caps. Is it alright to keep dosing the remaining 33 caps at 1-2 a day after PCT is completed?

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    I would save the extra caps for a solo run another time. After PCT, you want to get back to natural homeostasis and not screw with your hormones.
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    I wouldnt reccomend using an anti e longer than 5-6 weeks so Id save it
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    save it.

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