My fenotest review:

  1. My fenotest review:

    ------------Sat. Sept 3rd 2005----------

    I have liked and enjoyed my Scivation products thus far and was happy to see the special price on Nutraplanet for this new product. I am coming off a staggered e max/ prostandzonal sd/prostandzonal cycle. My PCT will be Dhea, 7-oh, FENOTEST, UHotter. I am also spending this month working on getting my heart, liver, cholesteral panels in excellent shape. At the end of this month I will have all those and test, estrodial, and a few others done so I can plan how I approach this winter hormonally. The supps for the afore mentioned are RYR, Coq10, tons of k-r-kala, fish oil and sesathin.

    My training is a 4-day split. I am experiencing the best results of my life right now. If you see my avator that is my new girlfriend. SO I need to remain Rambo, thank you. Big props if you can find out who she is, hehe. Both my strength and body compositioning are climbing regardless of hormone spiking. I just like to keep it wild!

    Stats: 6'3
    weight: 214lbs
    Bf : Around 9%

    I started off as an endurance enthusiest who now prefers being big, and fast and hard as possible. I am cool with sacrficing some hardness for bloat while on. I am a little bloated still. One of the biggest effects I am seeking from fenotest is a hardening effect, both North and South of the border! See my avator. I have never used fenugreek so I am already getting off smelling my maple syrup self.

    If anyone from Scivation would like to chime in on dosing or dose dependent results, I am not afraid to go higher if it seems bright.

    I'll keep you posted-- time to Deadlift!
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  2. How come everyone smells like maple syrup on this stuff but me! NOT FAIR!!!

    I've been using the standard 4 caps/day, but I believe Marc is using a higher dosage, so he can chime in on that.

  3. P.S.- Your girlfriend is HOT!

  4. thanks for the compliment... I may have to start using BP meds because she is soooo radient!

    Would look foward to any dosing protocol Marc could share as well.


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  5. Quote Originally Posted by motiv8er
    thanks for the compliment... I may have to start using BP meds because she is soooo radient!

    Would look foward to any dosing protocol Marc could share as well.


    I got great results at the recommended dosage but since upping dosage to 6 caps/day stacked with 4 FUZE, it has been uplifting to say the least.

    I am also hardening out (not just down there) quite noticeably.

  6. -----------Sat. Sept 10th------------------

    So far my PCT has been pretty painless. A painless PCT has been a goal of mine since I realized how much of a basketcase I could become after cycle. I have been using the sugested dosing protocol with pleasant success. I have not had a lack of drive feeling that I associate with lack of test. I also haven't been so "jacked" that I have walked around the house looking for objects to spear. Besides my girlfriend, of course. Below the border performance has been quite acceptable, no awkward moments or hallmark cards needed.

    I am not feeling quite the same bloat as on cycle, so this is good news. I can see all my abs now, although the lower four are less defined. I am going to keep my cals 500 over per day and try to increase cardio to at least 3 30 minute sessions per week. Because of my naturally lean nature I will have to moniter if I am able to still make gains or not. Also I am going to up the dose to 6 caps per day to see if anymore noticable hardening effects are imparted. If they are, in two more weeks I will have to make another purchase. This will be the greatest test for the product; a repeat purchase. I am also lowering my dose of sesathin to .75 to 1.0 mls twice per day. It is such a powerful fat, size fighting tool. I am mostly utilizing it for its incredible health benefits. I wouldn't be surprized if sesathin is found to have some major health benefits in the future. Major.

    Overall I am pleased with this product for doing exactly what I expected. I am feeling well overall and still have some good high-end performance capabilities. Great news halfway through PCT.
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  7. I have something interesting to report, I feel like my reaction time has improved. Apart from training, like when you drop something and react quickly to keep it from hitting the floor. Maybe it was a fluke but the three times I dropped small trivial opjects yesterday; I was already in some kinda zone and scooped them up before I even knew I did.

    I wonder if any of the other testers have noted anything else like this? The training portion of my life is going fine. Strength is stagnant right now but this is typical of me at the two week point into PCT.
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