Mama said knock you out, FINAFLEX gonna knock you out!

  1. Mama said knock you out, FINAFLEX gonna knock you out!

    Class of 2014 rock and roll hall of fame nominees have been announced and LL Cool J made the list. You remember the track, "Mama said knock you out"? Well, FINAFLEX wants to knock you out with the hall of fame sleep aid affectionately known as "G8".

    Much like LL changed the flavor of his career, and added longevity by pursuing acting, G8's flavor has been redone and for longevity, each new tub contains 40 servings rather than 20.

    We here at FINAFLEX would like to offer our favorite forum members an AM exclusive opportunity to log/preview the new formula. You can find a whole bunch of logs on it already, and if it appeals to you, apply to get knocked out.

    Stipulations (yes, there are stipulations)... Tell us a little about your background, link us to your previous logs, let us know that you're committed to provide a complete log us to your favorite knockout of all time. We'll decide which ones we like best and those few will be the winners.

    As always, we ask that you use our rating system and provide a review in the supplements review section.

    Rating scale
    1. Strongly disagree
    2. Disagree
    3. Neutral
    4. Agree
    5. Strongly agree

    1. This product helped me fall asleep.
    2. This product provided deep, restful sleep.
    3. This product enhanced my recovery.
    4. This product helped me relax.
    5. I really enjoyed this product and would recommend it to friends and family.

    Good luck,

    FINAFLEX team.


  2. Very excited about the release of this. No more measuring half scoops for this guy and a new flavor system to boot!
    Use Code Montego15 for 15% off at

  3. Best knock out?....G8 baby...

    Y'all ready to get knocked out? Yeah buddy

  4. some bumpage for this fine promo

  5. Love a good knock out....entertain me please

  6. bump for the Monday morning crew

  7. I guess everyone is sleeping well this time of year?

  8. we're gonna run this one more day, thru tomorrow night
    picks will be announced on Thursday....

    last call for alcohol, gentlemen!

  9. Hurry hurry....get them apps in.....or lose sleep over it

  10. Alright folks, here's the list of winners


    PM me an email addy for each of you and we'll get this shipping ball rolling. Congrats boys and the quicker you get me those addys, the quicker you get to sleep. Holler.

  11. Oh yeah, and Hyde, if you got the clearance to run it, send me your email as well.

  12. congrats to all, thanks for your interest!

  13. Great Product here. Interested in seeing some reviews of the reformulated product. Still havn't finished my tub yet actually.


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