550xd(black) 1-Alpha cycle

  1. 550xd(black) 1-Alpha cycle

    I did a cycle of 550xd(black) and 1-Alpha back in Aug 2013. Finished with PCT Revolution and Pure Test in Sept. I was pleased with the results so I quickly bought another 2 bottles of each to do another cycle.

    At the peak I weighed just shy of 215. In pct I dropped down to 210 and toward the end 205 though I did keep the strength gains longer than the weight. Now that I have completely finished pct it seems that all he'll broke loose. Beginning of Oct I was laid off (this might be relevant) I also had a physical where I asked the doc to check my T. The reading came back at 333 wich is "low normal". This is not enough to alarm him because it's "low NORNAL" but it is alarming the hell out of me. 333 might be normal for 80 years old, but I'm only 36 and supposedly "healthy" working out 5 days a week. He said he would test it again and I have an appointment to go back in Jan

    Question is could I be in a short term low T lull having finished the cycle? Could it be the stress of loosing my job? Would it be a horrible idea to do the second cycle now? Without a job I have time on my hands to workout like a mad man. I'm still a bit shy of 60 days of the main cycle (which ended Labor Day weekend/ beginning of Sept) and 30 days of the pct (which ended at the beginning of Oct)

  2. Stress has been known to cause lowered t levels. Another common contributor is vitamin d deficiency. Sorry to hear about your low level. I went through the same thing and ended up taking the TRT route.
    As far as the cycle goes, it's entirely up to you to run another one. If you plan on getting your t levels checked again, I would personally hold off until after that (so as not to skew the results), and whatever course of action that you and the doc decide to take.
    Good luck either way and keep us posted.

  3. Yeah. My thought was to try and time it so that everything would be "normal" when they test it again. Though if I'm getting blood work the first week of Jan that only gives me 2 months to run the cycle and pct. If I don't run it I'd at least like to run an herbal test booster for November just so I'm not completely wasting my time at the gym. If the doc ever ended up giving me TRT then I would prob not be able to ever run a cycle again since they would probably monitor my levels regularly. The other thing is, it seems to be really hard to get TRT especially if you even look like you workout because the doc will think you are just trying to use him to get a "legal cycle"

    My thought is that the stack I ran was very mild though I did run both the 550 & 1-alpha together at 3 pills each a day. I wouldn't think that would really shut me down. But I am wondering if it is the timing. If there is a slight shutdown after pct (combined with the stress) that would resolve in a few weeks. I mean people run much harsher things and they don't seem to shutdown. I've never had my test tested in the past so 333 is the only number I've got to compare to.

  4. I also always assumed I had decent natural test levels since I am a very hairy guy with receding hairline. Though I guess this just means I have high DHT?

  5. Don't think that all docs are gonna assume you just want the "juice" because you're in decent shape. My experience was quite the contrary and my endo was willing to help regardless of my stature. Hopefully, if that's the route you decide to take, you'll have the same experience. Since 333 is the only number you have ever known, there's a chance that that is normal for you. 297-1197 is the "normal" range just like 5'9" is the "average" height for a male. My number was 347. I'm also hairy and have a receding hairline. If you're not experiencing symptoms of low T, you may just be at your normal level. Who knows?

    Though you ran a comparatively mild cycle, "shutdown" is possible, as we all react to everything differently. I would guess that this isn't the case though, but I'm a rep and not a doc, so...

  6. looks like para got you well covered in here with all your concerns, Mike
    the only thing I will reiterate is: it is highly doubtful that these products played any significant role in your hormonal profile, at the point you had the tests run .. in fact, the PureTest alone would have kicked up natural test production prior to the test, if you are trying to intellectually quantify this

    as para said, T levels are highly individualistic, and tbh a much more thorough and dedicated testing protocol should be undertaken than what I assume you have apparently had run....there are many different levels of testing this output

    in any event, just stopping by to reassure you that the 550/Alpha are not the issue
    whether or not you choose to run any cycle in the interim before testing is done again, we at FINAFLEX cannot and will not advise you on, as this falls into medical supervision and none of us here are doctors

    best to you

  7. One more question for you guys. Is there anything in these products (550xd & 1-alpha) that would show up in a pre employment drug test?

  8. Quote Originally Posted by mike721ct View Post
    One more question for you guys. Is there anything in these products (550xd & 1-alpha) that would show up in a pre employment drug test?
    while we cannot answer this question for you, there are very, very few jobs around that test for steroids/hormonal profiles, my friend
    typically, this testing is limited to illegal street drugs like marijuana etc...
    so, my assessment would be no - but to be sure, perhaps you could ask the employer flatly if they test for steroids

  9. Thanks, that's kinda what I figured. I guess I always wonder if any herbal supplements could cause a false positive for an of those basic illegal drugs. Not even necessarily the main ingredient but a supporting herb. Kinda like the rumor that poppy seeds will cause a positive test for opioids.

  10. what dose were you running the 550 and alpha? I am starting up and may run 2 caps of each per day. (one of each in morning, one of each at night.)

    I previously ran 1-alpha at 4 caps per day and had OK results. Any help is appreciated

  11. Quote Originally Posted by tmaxx123 View Post
    550 and alpha? I am starting up and may run 2 caps of each per day. (one of each in morning, one of each at night.)
    sounds like a very suitable plan to me


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