Snags gets ginormous with lean clean off-season dream bulk

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  1. Snags gets ginormous with lean clean off-season dream bulk

    hello all, snags back again with a different twist than you all have seen from me before, as I push an ultra-structured, clean caloric surplus combined with some intelligent power-hypertrophy split training, and a simple yet effective hormonal cycle leading into PCT, for some nasty big gains as I take this physique to world-class new heights

    follow along as I drop some insights - maybe you can find something here that will help your own endeavors in gaining quality lean muscle...I will lay out dietary maneuvering, throw out some food pics (of course), and keep you all up-to-date at least weekly with new pics of the physique progress

    diet: the first 4 weeks of structure will be a steady increase of cals, starting ~3500 at the very beginning (which was this past Monday in actuality) as I come out of a cut/contest prep for a nationals show I competed in last w/e; finishing up the first week ~4k cals, advancing to 4500 in 2nd week, and hitting 5k in third & 4th weeks...depending on how things are looking composition-wise (ie the goal is to remain lean during this bulk), I may go to 5500 in the 4th week before hitting 6k as I enter PCT, leveling off there..fats will be kept intentionally low, ranging from 65-75g as we increase the cal load
    for example, my last training day before rest day yesterday was 3650cals, macros of 430/315/65.5 - carbs are all basically clean and dry, with strategically placed sugar and simple carb loads, complex everywhere days will see a slight dip in both cals and carbs, ie yesterday was 3530cals, 345/375/70 -- carbs will eventually hit 800-850 daily range if not more

    training: protocol will be a 3-day double-split routine
    #1 - chest/back/abs
    #2 - legs
    #3 - shoulders/arms/abs
    #4 - off
    the first three days are a power scheme, lower reps (6-10 rep range/longer rest periods); the next three days are different exercises in a hypertrophy scheme (8-12 and sometimes 15 reps/shorter rest periods)..fasted cardio upon rising will be done 3x weekly (30min LISS)

    supplementation: for the hormonal cycle, I will be running a simple combination of hi-dose trenavar clone and a 6-a chloro dry, non-methylated compound (hexadrone), along with a combination of 1-Alpha + 1-Andro -- the idea is a liver-stress-free cycle providing dry lean gains; the tren is a continuation of what I ran during last stages of contest prep, only now I get to use in a smart bulk instead of a hard cut .. TUDCA is in play while on cycle of course, as is Rev PCT if I need it; exemestane will also be utilized at 25mg daily
    PCT will consist of clomid/tamox and exemestane, with Rev PCT Black and PureTest (FINAFLEX) .. this will be run for 4-5 weeks except for the exem (which will be phased out after 2-3 weeks), and the Pure Test extended beyond that for an addtl 2 weeks as I go into down time from all hormonals...sarms will also be in play thruout PCT, and perhaps a bit longer as well
    other supps will be very basic, but include our Active Multi, BCAA+SAA, Crea-Trona, Max Pump, and G8

    and with that, welcome aboard, and look forward to growing with you

  2. 1st

  3. 2nd. Here to assist, guide and answer any questions you have. Wait! Other way around! Lol
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  4. Aaaaaaand 3rd!
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  5. 1st... from Canada

  6. Watching and learning

  7. This is going to be fun

    Let the freak show begin!!!!

  8. Hello
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  9. In for the hyoooogeness! So what you're saying is if I ever venture out thru Indy now we're gonna have to house some Brazilian steakhouse???
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  10. welcome aboard all

    Quote Originally Posted by Hyde View Post
    In for the hyoooogeness! So what you're saying is if I ever venture out thru Indy now we're gonna have to house some Brazilian steakhouse???
    yup..a new tucanos going up in Noblesville too, right behind the fort wayne opening, so can go to that one if it's closer (it is to me)

    alrighty fellas....WOW yet another killer training session this day, I seriously blitzed the wheels with some heavy-ass iron this day, time was just under an hour all told -- and was the 4th consecutive awesome session since coming out of prep
    this is going better than what I had even thought, in the early going here...weight ~198 this morning too, filling out just fine

    cals were bumped to 3775 this day, macros 475/325/62.5 ... the gradual increases have begun

    periWO nutrition:
    figured you guys would like this set-up, very pleased with this structure
    ~30min preWO i'll have 2 scoops BCAA+SAA, Max Pump, and when I go back on stim/preWO product will add Stimul8, then switch to Ignite2 at some point...right as I begin training, I consume a shake mix of 35g glycomaize + 20g isolate (235cals, 35/20/1)
    train, then immediately following I have a simple/complex carb mix (60g) with 30g isolate, +4g CreaTrona -- this comes in ~425cals
    45 min later, I follow with postWO meal, which is ~675cals, 80/60/12
    I absolutely love this set-up, is effective as hell

    some food pics of recent meals, random stuff

  11. That is some X-rated food porn right there.... this is gunna be a blast.

  12. Ground beef with ketchup and mustard?

  13. Quote Originally Posted by Nooshefx View Post
    Ground beef with ketchup and mustard?
    yup, extra lean beef with a touch of ketchup, mustard
    I usually will only do mustard, but in bulk I will break out some (limited) ketchup every once in awhile

  14. Happy birthday master freak....


  15. Hey yeah, Happy Berfday! So what does 43 feel like?
    Where it all started

  16. Happy fifty!
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  17. Quote Originally Posted by edje007 View Post
    Happy birthday master freak....

    gracias my fellow birthday mate

    Quote Originally Posted by 1ifeblood View Post
    Hey yeah, Happy Berfday! So what does 43 feel like?
    Quote Originally Posted by Montego1 View Post
    Happy fifty!
    LOL jesus man, you guys just love to age me don't you?
    for the record, that would be 42 I am now
    nice chill day, following an insane chest/back/ab training session
    son is taking me out to ruby Tuesday's here in couple hrs, will be sensible with sirloin steak/brown rice/asparagus + salad bar
    got me a milky way ice cream bar for dessert when I get home
    cals will come in ~4200 this day, a smidge high but still pretty clean and solid overall...very important when you are in caloric excess/gross excess for lean bulk (as I will soon be in large excess), that you DO NOT stray too far or too often outside the lines, in order to minimize any potential fat gain
    besides - all these tasty clean options I got to choose from, there simply is no reason to get a cheat on at any time...every meal is delicious as it is

  18. Happy 42 Snags. Wish you many more to come! Enjoy the time with the son and the ice cream! Lol
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  19. I was GONNA say 50 but at your age we should try to keep cortisol levels as low as possible. :-D
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  20. Looking forward to the swollness!!

  21. Happy Birthday Steve.. great that you spent it with your son.

  22. Late to the party. I'm ashamed. Anyway, subbed.. Also, happy birthday

  23. thanks all for the wishes - was a nice evening, food was great, conversation was nice, always enjoy hanging with my boy
    nice day planned for today..gonna hit some shoulders/arms here in couple hrs, then play some tennis with my boy later on
    this evening, got a kashi pizza ima add some albacore tuna to for supper, while son & I grill up huge slab of ribs (for him - too fatty for me)

    life is good

  24. meals are getting slightly bigger as we expand the cals/carbs..
    heres, breakfast this morning, tasty as hell

    5oz 96% lean beef
    3 egg whites
    3 servings cereal (raisin bran/honey bunches of oats raisin medley, and multi-grain rice chex)
    1c almond milk
    ~745cals 115/55/12.5

    and a breakfast from earlier in the week

    this was turkey breast, ham, and shaved white turkey with serving of reeses cereal + serving of shredded wheat, cinnamon raisin ezekiel

  25. Reeses cereal. ...... I'm jealous.
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