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    Finaflex 550 XD Black (New Formula) CycleBackground: I am 30 yrs. old. In the past year, I have gone from 190 lbs to fluctuating back and forth between 158 and 166. I took 1AD before the ban went into effect years nearly a decade ago and gained/retained a out 10 lbs of lean muscle.. I wanted to get back in the gym after years out and so I began lifting a couple months before I decided to go the supplement route again because I wanted to destroy stress I'm under and hopefully alleviate the adverse health issues I was facing. Diagnosed as high blood pressure and too much bad/too little cholesterol brought on by work induced stress. I was given the odds 90% chance in five years I'd be on blood pressure medication the rest of my life. I did not eat like some of these guys do because I wanted to add lean muscle and burn fat. I toned up nicely and gained some solid muscle. There are a lot of sob stories out there saying 550XD was no good. I can only help but imagine the lackadaisical approach these individuals took to research and build a cycle tailor made for there needs. I am sorry anyone has a bad result especially one that stays with them after the cycle has run its course, however we are accountable to ourselves and try to be somewhat towards each other as folks are always guiding one another away from trouble without gaining a thing other than helping out another person.People who approach this area of science without due diligence are doomed to fall victim to advertising schemes and running ineffective or dangerous cycles. My first cycle back, I took 550XD Black (new formula), 2 caps twice daily for 30 days. I ignored the eating recommendations to avoid the 10-12 lb gains others achieved. The first week I ate like others said to and noticed I gained 8 lbs in 14 days, it was muscle but not my goal of lean solid base on which I will build on later. I ended up netting 1 lb gain. Now On day 26, I started Pure Test and Revolution PCT and they will run longer than my on cycle. How many people get to day 25,26 and look to see what they can bridge to it and make a short cycle a long cycle. Stick with a plan. I took two heart supporters, liver and joint supports, an absorption aid, NO support in pre workout shake, all in addition to protein, pre and post formula shakes. All were separate supplements specifically chosen to protect my body and guard against damaging my body permanently at the expense of looking good. I did NOT have a single side effect until I put my suit on the rack and spent two days with a shovel and a whole lot of dirt to move, so the joint protection may have derived partially due to intense manual labor. Aside from the pain in my wrist, I experienced not a single side effect. I tightened up, increased my strength by 15 lbs on dumbbell curls, 20 lbs on bar curls, triceps (stand alone pull down exercise) increased 40 lbs regular grip as well as reverse grip. I worked harder than that supplement and the result is I gained 1 net pound. The first two weeks, I ate my way to putting on 9 lbs by day 15 so I continued to provide the protein necessary to sustain muscle growth, but burned more than I ate. My thought is if you are improving and altering workouts like one should then your body is likely to retain the muscle and begin to dispose of fat deposits which are now easier to acquire due to the intensity of your regiment. Twice a day, morning and night, an hour or so a day. Now, my weight was 168 and doing what I laid out above I cut the weight and kept the gains. I cannot speak to a medical certainty but in my mind I gained est. 9 lbs of mass gains and hardened (made it permanent) and tore down 8 lbs of excess fat around my midsection. i did not notice until someone said, you might see a six pack come out anytime now (6 packs emerge between 8-11% body fat). I will guess this first four weeks took me from 159 to 168 and back to 160. doing the math from those figures i cut 4.7% body fat. It added to existing muscle and chewed away from the 18-19% body fat I was previously. Based on the fact that I can see it is on its way in, I believe I can say reasonably that I added 9 lbs of muscle and lost 8 lbs of fat, which accounts for 4.8% reduction in body fat bring me to 13.2 or 14.2% body fat. My gains are defined and put together nicely as bicep gained a solid inch and a half and now matches the shoulders I was genetically blessed.. One thing I did was take two days off on days 14,15 and on day 16 I set max records all day long at each station. I was superman. Remember we only grow when we are at rest. I took off another day 7 days later.Forget the number of sets, do more than the day before. Changing my weight training exercises presented daily challenges to develop the plans or thoughts of others into my own. I do not take breaks between exercises, I am on my next set in 60 second. I feel great, 10 years younger, have energy all the time, as it never seems to fail me. The importance of not over exercising I cannot stress enough. My last two weeks involved two a days at the gym averaging a solid hour of lifting. Also week three I completely revamped my workouts to include advanced sets that promote growth by applying weight training to muscles in a new way. Keeps your muscles unprepared on what to expect which will let you rip them to shreds when you train with an intensity. To be honest I went back and forth on the effectiveness of this supplement Redefined Fitness designated "Decasterone", which is a DHEA, 19 nor, a non methylated pro-hormones with no chance of converting or aromatising into estrogen. It is not 100% safe but it is not toxic like the methyl pro-hormones that are out there. It is not well listed anywhere but the good people at Black Diamond Supplements answered all my questions and not one question was in reference to a product I purchased through them. Many thanks for the info.

  2. Big review Thanks for your input!
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  3. theres a new formula?

  4. Quote Originally Posted by injectdreams View Post
    theres a new formula?
    This is the formula that was just discontinued. Actually the second formula made.
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