Who wants some [email protected]?

  1. Who wants some [email protected]?

    It's summer, and most of us have been busting our asses one way or the other. Some of us in the gym, some of us at work, some of us at play and some of us all of the above.

    Well, there's still a whole lot of summer left, and who couldn't use some restful sleep, and some decreased recovery time? Hell, I know I could.

    The kind folks at Finaflex have decided to put together a "Rest & Recovery" stack consisting of our deep sleep and recovery accelerator, G8 and our BCAA/SAA product.

    We are offering you a chance to log this stack and reap the benefits of some great sleep and reduced recovery time. Here's the catch...I want to see pics of you in your favorite vacation spot, enjoying some good ole R&R.

    Should you be picked for this opportunity, we'd expect a log (updated 2-3 times per week) and to provide a review based on our current review format (for each individual product). All loggers will also have to agree to Finaflex's terms and conditions (same as our other promos) Good luck and let's see some summer vacation pics!!!

    I'll start with mine.
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    Shell Beach, California.

  2. it's just as sexy over here, as it was in the other forum

  3. Awesome promo for 2 of the products I Havnt tried yet! Too bad I didn't go on vacation yet lol

  4. On the Frio River with my Family. RR at its best.
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  5. My backyard pool has been my relaxation from work all summer haha

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  6. Quote Originally Posted by calebsmitty View Post
    On the Frio River with my Family. RR at its best.
    Family time.....best there is!!!

  7. Quote Originally Posted by IrishSoldier View Post
    My backyard pool has been my relaxation from work all summer haha

    <img src="http://anabolicminds.com/forum/attachment.php?attachment****85 785"/>

    <img src="http://anabolicminds.com/forum/attachment.php?attachment****85 786"/>
    Wished I had a pool....but probably not worth it, since we only have like 3 or 4 weeks of hot weather....if I was single and young, I would move Brasil would be nice


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