Ignite 2 Ok for Military?

  1. Ignite 2 Ok for Military?

    Planning on ordering protein and Finaflex Ignite 2 for my son in the Navy. Are ingredients in Ignite 2 a problem? ie I know the DMAA was banned by military and this was in Ignite NO I think. Thanks
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  2. I do not know what all has recently been banned in the Military but the DMAA was removed from Ignite 2 when word of the imposing DMAA ban came down from on high. All of our products that contained it are being reformulated or discontinued as part of FINAFLEX's policy to remain DSHEA compliant. I am almost 100% certain there are no other ingredients in it that the Military would frown upon but DMAA is definitely no longer in the ingredient list.
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  3. There should be no issues for your son and using Ignite 2 as like kleen said they removed the dmaa.
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  4. yup i concur here, Kleen explains it well.
    when in doubt however - you can always submit a copy of the label to compliance beforehand and see if there would be any issues.

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