1 alpha/550 cycle to begin dec 1

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  1. 1 alpha/550 cycle to begin dec 1

    alrighty then!
    gonna do this thing finally. christmas came early to Bo and he finally has his shyte ordered
    heres the breakdown per rep advice:
    week 1-4 1 alpha 4 ed + 1 pct revolution evening ed
    week 5-8 550xd + 1 pct revolution same as above
    pct-2 pct black + 6 pure test for 8 weeks
    creatona every workout
    bcaa liquid for intra workout
    nos preworkout haven't chosen what brand yet looking at jackd3d or gaspari nutrition
    i hate anything with the damn pepper in it.
    multivitamin mornings
    whey protein pre and post workout
    only uping my calories 250-500 ed (slow bulk for 6 months) already starrted and am up 6 lbs but have gained some unwanted fat.
    no cardio on this until week 5 then only warm up to get the blood into the muscles
    macros have increased to what scottydoc had suggested in an email(thanks doc)

    guys this is the one for me. I have gotten great things from finaflex in the past and i know they will not dissapoint. i have been proud of myself with the workouts over the last year using only limited equipment at my home and work gym. finally the y willbe completed the week i start and i can really focus on my legs more.
    vascularity is amazing and strength has gone to the point where i cannot lift any heavier here at home. i cannot wait to see what is in store , anf from the logs it will be amazing . i will however ere on the side of caution because of the injury i recieved from the last cycle acting like i was branch warren on the leg press. dumbass!! i understand my limits and respect them now. i am not ex[ecting 18 inch arms off this and anyone who does is dreaming. what i am expecting is some nice mass in places needed and some refinement in others. i will post pictures when i start to see what it will be like at the end of janurary. i am not in anyway muscular as most on these logs but i am the best i have every been especially for a 51 year old.

    gonna need me a freak t shirt by the end of this . more to follow..........

    pain is not given ...you have to take it!!!

  2. Way to go Chefbo. Lets show everyone what we old lifters can do!!!

    I'm in for the duration.

    I would recommend against any PWO with DMAA ( ie old Jack3d). New studies have indicated that these put you in a catabolic state ( I'm not expert)

  3. Quote Originally Posted by chefbo View Post
    i am not in anyway muscular as most on these logs but i am the best i have every been especially for a 51 year old.
    we are only in competition with ourselves, my friend..
    this is great to hear.

    gonna need me a freak t shirt by the end of this.
    that's the spirit.

  4. got any reference to kenpo's advice about dmaa's in pwos?

  5. Quote Originally Posted by chefbo View Post
    got any reference to kenpo's advice about dmaa's in pwos?
    there always seems to be a study that will support some conclusion of some kind.............

    my .02 - not a fan of dmaa per se, but not worried about it in the least either.
    as long as it's used intelligently, and your body doesn't disagree with it (ie too strong a stim), go for it.

  6. what do you think of my calories during this. should i increase them to 800-1000 surplus? i talked to a guy at the supplement store about mass gainer and he said for my age the extra carbs included in it would be waisteful for my age and i jsut didn't need them. i want mass but still want to try to control as much fat as possible that is why i am taking this bulk so long. and when i go into a cut how far out from summer (june) should i begin , i know it depends on how much fat i have to shed, but just ballpark. thanks for the steering on this.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by chefbo View Post
    what do you think of my calories during this. should i increase them to 800-1000 surplus?
    i think that may be a lil too much off the top, try 500-700 and see what that does for a week, go from there..bump to 650 or so if need be.
    you could go with any amount of caloric excess, but if you want to keep the excess adipose down i wouldn't jump into it so fast.
    i talked to a guy at the supplement store about mass gainer and he said for my age the extra carbs included in it would be waisteful for my age and i jsut didn't need them.
    mmmm yes and no.
    mass gainer, agree you don't need..
    you still will want carbs - just keep them clean, reduce or eliminate simple sugars..small complex portion at every feeding is fine.
    i want mass but still want to try to control as much fat as possible that is why i am taking this bulk so long.
    slow bulk is the way to go. takes patience, but you will be most happy with it.
    usually, older guys will do better on a higher protein/higher fat/lower to moderate carb split.
    and when i go into a cut how far out from summer (june) should i begin , i know it depends on how much fat i have to shed, but just ballpark. thanks for the steering on this.
    the boldened is correct, can't guesstimate timeframe without seeing you..
    you have plenty of time before you need to worry about that tho.

  8. thanks snag have a great thanksgiving!!!

  9. stuff is on its way to me now. gonna order the 550 after it arrives along with the pct. can't wait to man up in the gym. brand new equipment being installed next week for the grand opening and it should me mine all mine after the holiday break on the 17th. already tracking my macros on myfitnesspal to see how i am doing. after i get it close i'll just keep the same regiment everyday and i should be in the ballpark on my weight goal for cycle end. steady lifting at the house with what i have so my strength is maintained but hard to make gains when you are low on weight. i never thought i would say there isn't enough weight for me to lift ! 52 and talking shyt! hope i can keep it up.

  10. I love this. I ran out of weight plates myself! Week 6 of my cycle and I'm still breaking PRs. I'm watching for joint problems Chefbo as I'm lifting heavier than I ever have. Be careful with the joints! Can't wait for your 52 year old beast to arrive! Lol

  11. Quote Originally Posted by chefbo View Post
    stuff is on its way to me now.
    good times.
    steady lifting the house
    i never thought i would say there isn't enough weight for me to lift ! 52 and talking shyt!
    hell man - 52 is the new 32 my friend..you're just a youngster.
    can't wait to see this transition!

  12. me neither!!

  13. alright boys and girls here we go!
    first two caps of 1 alpha at 5:30 this morning
    weight in at 173
    gonna track my calories today and see where i stand and set it in stone except on off days which will be sunday for sure if not saturday too.
    i am gonna do legs today along with finishing chest . is started last nght but got to it late and was really tired so i didn't get the pump i wanted.
    creatona and bcaa before workout and sipping thoughout.
    carb up with some bananas and protein shake afterward.
    i will run my macor and menu later today .
    i can't wait until next week when the new equipment arrives for the gym opening then we can really put it on . i am so stoked for this.
    only good things are coming my way for this.
    check in later .

  14. ok first day in the bag
    ran about 2900 calories today didn't finish with what i thought so start fresh tomorrow withthat.
    workout was 45 minutes full on no let up unless i had to catch my breath
    combine legs and chest with a blast on the bis
    leg curls 4 sets starting at max capacity on this piece of cable machine (which is all they have right now in the gym) for 25 reps each leg
    then pryamided down to around 50 lbs burnouts.

    same on leg extentions with no way to gauge my wieght i just went for the pump and burn

    went on to finish up chest from last night 3 sets flat bench dumbells 10 reps each (45's, 50, 60's)to failure
    incline bench same as above
    then did flyes the same way but with 25's to keep form and increased reps to 15 to failure
    made sure to keep form on these i don't want to go to heavy on isolation movements right now to get a feel on how they are going to figure in.
    i am looking at compound movements to get size on and isolations to shape.
    didn't feel really alpha in the gym but was def pumped.
    even when i was resting i grabbed the dumbells and did curls and that just ain't right!
    finally finished with chest and went over to the cable preacher bench and did one arm curls burnouts till i couldn't lift my arm.
    great pump today may have to take tomorrow off depends on how long thehoneydo list is for christmas. i should be able to squeeze one in at the y.
    not the best start but at least i didn't set on my ass.so there you are.
    i will try to make this more readable next time. good night time for rest . ChefBo.

  15. it has begun.

  16. man o man don't need no nos on this!!! got the same pump i would have spending money on that.
    arm attack this evening after work and dinner at home.
    here we go ;

    tricep kickbacks 4 sets 10 each at 35
    superset with
    reverse ez curls 4sets 10 each at 45
    barbell curls 4sets 10 each at 45, 50,55,60
    seated tricep pushdowns 3sets to failure 60, 70,80,
    concentration curls 3set to failure 30

    my arms are fully engorged and pumped. i like that feeling.
    didn't think i would get one in today but due to kids school activities tomorrow i will miss that one.
    haven't felt this feeling so far but if it continues whoa!
    didn't count macros today but should be able to log them tomorrow . since yesterday was an off day i ate really light a lot of christmas stuff going on but no excuses from me guys . equipment should start arriving for the gym starting tomorrow for saturday grand opening so we should be on for
    some awesome training within the next week or so.
    great for the second fullday . anyone recommend a good bcaa in powder that i can mix for intra workout . i got some stuff for now and it doesn't mix with anything that you don't taste it. apperciate it. slam the iron boys!!! it's on!

  17. shoulders last night still inmy home gym so weights are still the same
    weight 174 (morning weight in)

    upright rows 4 sets @10 reps 55 lbs
    barbell shoulder press 4 sets @ 10 reps 60 lbs
    arnold press 4 sets @ 10, 10 10 failure 30 lbs
    bent over flyes 4 sets @ 10, 10, 10, failure 30 lbs

    extreme pumps with no nos or preworkout. unbelieveable i can literally feel the muscle fibers moving from doing more reps than before.
    i just want to keep the weights in my hand all through the workout.
    i do feel alittle tired when i get home before my workouts i hope this passes or i may have to get a stim preworkout . but once i get on task it it all focus. another off day today for me . .
    new gym equipment is set up and ready at the ymca and we will tear it up tomorrow afternoon. can't wait.
    i hope this log is getting some notice but if not it is all for me to look back on.
    i am gonna post some pics as soon as i can find out how to transfer them from my android to my computer.

    diet is as on point as possible with all the stuff happening around me. daughter has been sick so i missed a workout to take care of her on monday but she is a trooper(strep throat).
    i am watching my carbs though seems to be adding a little more fat around my waist than i want to at this point.
    i am tracking everything on my fitness pal.
    i am sure once i get to where i can sling or weight things will start happening .
    i am going to be on legs to include calves tomorrow.
    good training everyone

    more later

  18. I'm still here watching every move. Chefbo, keep liftin'.

  19. [legs)
    leg curl-3 sets @10 i to failure warm up 45, 90 , 90, 70 failure
    leg extension 3 sets @ 10 , 1 to failure warm up 70, 90, 90, 70 failure
    leg press 4 sets @ 20 warm up 90, 180, 180, 215
    superset with calve presses same rep and weight

    took it easy today on presses because of past injury. wanted to get feel for how the quad would do. sled weight is 118 lbs but i don't count it on my log. i won't go big on these and i am not gonna risk injury on this cycle to get any prs . if they come they come i'll just judge how strong i get from the feeling while exercising. i'm to old to think i am 20 again.

    great workout on legs i am tight as shyte and sore .Haven't felt that in a long time , it seem strange to miss pain but at least i know it got worked.
    i will incorproate squats as soon as i get a belt, my back tightened up on me quite a bit after legs so i didn't go there.

    lat pulldowns on dual cable machine using long bar
    4 [email protected] reps warm up @50, 75, 90, 110
    bent over rows same machine
    4 [email protected] reps warm up 75, 90, 110, 135
    dumbell standing rows
    4 [email protected] 50, 55, 60, 65
    pull ups
    2 sets to failure
    back feel tight but great i can tell i hit new areas because the middle hasn't been sore before usually my lowe lubar region where i have dish problems.
    still getting the pump and loving the new work out area at the Ymca on campus. All new hammer strength machines with cap plates.
    i am going to attack chest today
    the only thing they lack is a moveable adjustable bench for the cable machine and dumbell work.
    up 2 lbs to 175 but i know right now it is the adipose around my middle. i believe it could be the excess protein power i am consuming because i haven't seen it before i started using it.

    calroric intake is being tracked this week to get an average as to what to get to. i would suspect around 3000 should be close.
    dream mentioned it should kick in about the second week. waiting for that to happen but averall jsut glad to be near some real weight for a change.

    more to follow......... have a great weekend

  20. Nice workout Chef! Keep it going but watch the back! Lol

  21. yeah i gotta get me a belt it is really gonna limit me on legs. i never needed one here at home but now that i am in a real gym it is a necessity.

  22. back at it today after a crazy weekend with my wife's 40th birthday.wrecked my diet but back on track.

    legs and tris today

    leg press 3 sets @15 , 1 to failure superset with calf raises 280,335,385,435
    leg curls 3 [email protected], 1 to failure 90, 75,75,75
    no rest throught the whole set of sets
    tired squats and my back kicked in again so i stopped will buy belt this weekend to fix this.

    rope pulldows super set with one arm cable pulldowns
    4 sets @ 10 for 45, 47.5, 47.5 47.5
    4sets @ 10 for 27.5, to failure on last set (6 reps)
    dips bw 4 sets of 10
    kickbacks [email protected] 30, 30, 35, 40
    close grip bench 4 [email protected] 95

    not my best one jsut wasn't feeling it. i need some nos that really got me in gear and i miss the pump . that feeling keeps me motivated during my workout.
    anyway gonna get some tomorrow before work and bust out biceps and shoulders and traps
    wednesday will be an off day thursday i will hit quads harder along with chest. log continues for anyone looking.
    i will be glad when this kicks in everyone else says its this week so we wait and lift.
    things come to those who lift weight!
    more to follow..........

  23. man i been getting some crazy pumps on this 1-Alpha..
    skin-bursting pump yesterday during arms..and i stay full & pumped all day long.

  24. I was getting shoulder pumps throwing batting practice yesterday.

  25. Breakfast Calories Carbs Fat Protein
    Bananas - Raw, 2 medium (7" to 7-7/8" long)
    210 54 1 3
    Eggs - Scrambled (Egg White), 5 Large egg white
    81 1 0 18
    Bread - Whole-wheat, 2 oz
    139 26 2 5
    Great Value - Light Mayonnaise Dressing, 1 Tbsp (15 g.)
    35 1 4 0
    Oscar Meyer Deli Fresh - Smoked Ham, 6 slices (2 oz)
    50 0 2 9
    Great Value - Sliced, Non-Smoked Provolone Cheese, 1 Slice
    70 0 5 5
    Dannon Light N Fit Yougurt - Yogurt, 4 oz
    60 10 0 4
    Quaker - Breakfast Bar Chewy - Chocolate Chip, 2 bar
    200 34 6 2
    heres breakfast for today i have to copy every meal.

    Bread - Whole-wheat, toasted, 2 slice
    139 26 2 5
    Homemade-Turkey Salad - Turkey W/ L Mayo, Eggs, Celery, Red Onions , 0.25 pint
    100 0 0 2
    Rice - Brown, long-grain, cooked, 1 cup
    216 45 2 5
    Great Value - Canned Red Beans, 1/2 cup (130g)
    90 19 0 6
    Chicken - Breast, meat only, cooked, roasted, 2 breast, bone and skin removed
    568 0 12 107
    midday , post workout and bedtime are all one scoop six star triple chocolate whey with water two bananas post workout for glycogen

    that rounds me to around 3000 per day 313 carbs, 50 fat, 275 protein

    if anyone has an opinion on if they look pretty good say so.
    the only problem i am getting is i seem to be putting on my gut alittle more than usual. my kids even say so.
    now i haven't been hitting abs as of late like i used to but they are getting worked on other exercises.
    i read where when you shock your body from starting a new exercise regime it goes into storage mode to compesate and that after a couple weeks it goes away. could be an urban legend. but i am hopeful.
    i really don't want to do any cardio right now becasue my heart rate is really high with the new intenseity of the exercises i am doing.
    any thoughts?

  26. could try swinging the macros around. assuming we want to stay ~3k cals, let's look at higher fat intake/lower carbs.
    something like:
    300g protein
    150g carb
    125g fat
    get fat from sources like egg yolks, pb, almond butter, coconut butter/oil, even heavy whipping cream in your shakes (2 tbs worth).
    butter is a good fat as well, help boost testosterone too.

    see how you react to that for awhile.

    otherwise - if you are gaining fat, it is because you are taking in to many cals.
    stripping back total caloric intake for a week or so may be an option here..say 2200 or so cals, maybe 2500.

  27. I got shoulder pumps throwing batting practice

  28. Coconut oil in shakes tastes awesome

  29. i'll give it a try and see what happens , i had a feeling it was the carbs it seems to always happen even when i have one baked potato. i'll jsut stay clean on this one i don'w want to give up what i have gained over a few pounds . it will come when it comes. thanks snag . hows yours going?

  30. arm and quad day

    cable bar curls 4x15

    hammer curls 4x15

    single arm cable curls 4x15

    preacher curl 3 sets 15 one to failure finishing move

    leg extensions 5 x 15 90, 145, 145, 90, 45 to failure

    deadlifts on smith 4x25

    leg raises 4 x 25

    got the pump on these . had to finish my quads because my back gave me so much trouble monday

    off today maybe just abs at the house

    shoulders tomorrow

    weight at 177 and nothing else to report. no strength gains like everyone else is saying or alpha feeling. don't understand it but everyone is different.
    i am more aggressive outside the gym though seems like i am in a bad mood for some reason. could just be me.

    hope to feel something coming on by weeks end or i am gonna start doubting this product .

    finaflex hasn't let me down before, so i am staying positive.

    more to follow......


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