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    Hope someone can help. I have some Alpha-burn which is working great for stubborn, it appears as if it if finally shifting. I do however need something a bit extra in the energy department, especially now that I'm a relatively low cal diet. My questions is, can I stack ECA with Alpha-burn?

    I know ECA and Yohimbine is a no no due to the stress put on the heart, which has both b2 and a2 receptors. My reading suggests that Alpha-burn acts on a a specific kind of a2 receptor, which is not found on the heart and hence the reason why it doesn't cause anxiety and increased heart rate etc. So, because Alpha-burn acts on a different set of receptors that Yohimbine, can it be stacked safely with ECA?

  2. many people including myself love to stack eca with alpha-burn.

    it even may help with the jitters.

    i dont see how adding alpha-burn can add to the sides, just be sure to cycle everything.
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